Then Organizations Helped
Create a Vision

Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity and Income Movement joined forces with these local activists to create a strategy for organizing an annual event with a global reach.

And the World Was Ignited

With a well designed set of tools and assets and a clear grassroots organizing plan, the first Basic Income March in 2019 spread across the globe in 6 short weeks, inspiring collaboration and activism across 5 continents.

2019 March
Origin Story

The First March

In April 2019, social worker and co-founder of Basic Income NYC Diane Pagen and 2020 candidate for U.S. Congress James Felton Keith came together with the goal of organizing a public event in a show of force and inclusion for basic income. They connected with the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity and Income Movement, two organizations leading the charge on grassroots organizing for basic income who grew the event to more than 30 cities across the globe. Today, the Basic Income March is supported by basic income organizations, volunteers, local organizers, candidates, pilot organizations, and academics from around the globe. We are, all of us and you included, a worldwide grassroots movement for economic change in the 21st century.

Income Movement

Join the movement

The Basic Income March is a global event that celebrates the broader movement for basic income.
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Income Movement organizes and sponsors the Basic Income March as well as many other events and grassroots actions.
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