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Bronx to Harlem. A historic walk for historic change.

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We'll bombard the internet all together. Taking a page from the #yanggang, we'll take over Twitter and Instagram to maximize buzz.

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Host a Film Screening!

For our 2023 Day of Action, we want to lean into education and leverage the powerful tools of culture change we already have in our community!  Films have been an amazing resource for movements to start conversations, change hearts and minds, and connect everyday people to a movement and the ideas behind them.Join us to host watch parties around the country! We have worked with filmmakers  to develop a best series of conversation guides and activities for the films Storming Caesar's Palace, Inherent Good, and Raising The Floor. We’ll help you get the film, access conversation guides, and more.

Plug into Action Network

You need an account with Action Network to set up an event. Set up an account here. Then, go to the Basic Income Day of Action Event and Map and click on the large "Click to Host" button near the map. Fill out all the important steps and your event will drop on the map as a pin!

Choose the film and event details

Watch the trailers of the three movies (Storming Caesar's Palace, Inherent Good, and Raising The Floor) and decide which would be the most fun and/or the most impactful for your community. Determine the format: in-person or online? Activity or discussion following?

If in person, decide on your venue: your home, a friend’s space, a community space like a cafe, community center or library, or a local theater.

Get the word out & update attendees

Send out invites! Use social media, email invitations, or event platforms to invite your community. Income Movement has graphics templates if you need support! Send out reminders to guests a week before and a day before the event, along with new details. Build excitement!

Prep for the event

Attend organizer meetings if possible to connect to community support and resources such as discussion guides and activities for your film.

Prepare to facilitate a discussion about the film. Think about strategies to set the tone for open, honest dialogue that is respectful. Print out the QR Code and quarter sheets that link to the basic income sign-on letter to congress. Conduct a tech rehearsal if possible.

Host the screening

Have fun! Enjoy the film and the opportunity to connect to your community. Ask people to add their name to the sign-on letter to congress. And ask folks to help recruit more people in their communities.

Don’t forget to take photos so your event can be included in the post-event communications across the basic income community. Post photos to social media with the hashtag: #basicincomeday2023 so people see the power of the Day of Action.

Maintain the momentum

Send a thank you email with a few ways to stay plugged into the movement.

Let us know how it went! What were the highlights and take-aways, how many folks showed up. Send us your photos! Attend the post-event organizer debrief meeting so we know what worked and how we can continue to support you in future events.

Ready to organize? 
Drop a pin on the event map.

Have questions?
Reach out to learn more.

Print Materials

Posters, placards, signs, banners. All types, all sizes. Each year we have a unique tagline for the event. This year it's "Cash is Freedom". And as always, "We Are the Economy" is the annual event's key message. Access a variety of materials following the link below.

Check out signs for 2022 Events here

How We Get There

Income Movement is a leader in the movement for a federal basic income. And like many movements for meaningful social change, this is a marathon, not a sprint. To better understand they key areas we are focusing on to grow the movement, beyond the Basic Income March and Day of Action, check out our website.


The Basic Income March is hosted by Income Movement. Learn more about the important work being done year round.

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