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Only by working together can we create something truly viral and impactful. No matter the size of the event, each will help build a worldwide movement for change. So march! Or host an art fair. Or a car parade. Or a crowdsourced art installation. We've created great tools, processes and assets to make it easy for you to plan an amazing and highly successful event in your city. Now is the time to get involved and remind your community that the economy should work for them!


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A people powered movement to ensure nobody is left behind. #WeOweUs

New York City

Bronx to Harlem. A historic walk for historic change.

Amsterdam Netherlands

Dam, 1012 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Event Page
Berlin Germany

We'll bombard the internet all together. Taking a page from the #yanggang, we'll take over Twitter and Instagram to maximize buzz.

Berlin Event Page

Types of Events to Host

Depending on the status of COVID and social distancing requirements in your area, crowd-based events like a March or Rally may not be possible this year. However, there are lots of other types of events that can be planned that will still allow for public demonstration and provide opportunities to engage your community in a conversation about basic income. Below are some options. Or design your own event!

Basic Income March or Rally

If large gatherings with hundreds of people are possible in your region, a standard March or Rally is a great way to bring your community together around an idea.

Find local leaders in the basic income community and invite them to speak at your event. Income Movement will create large banner signs, placards, and other signs and assets to help make for a strong event.

Car or Bike Parade

A car or bike parade is the clearest and easiest way to mirror the visual of a march or rally while allowing for social distancing.

Logistics to consider: aerial coverage of the event is likely so sign placement on cars for clear messaging will be important and keeping protesters together with traffic lights can require some strategic planning.

Detailed info on Car Parade
Detailed info on Bike Parade

Street Corner Protests

Placing a person (or two+ if they are from the same household) on every corner of a designated high-traffic route can allow for a small number of people to have a large impact.

One of the strengths of this type of event is that people in cars or walking by can read signs over many blocks or even miles to experience the message for longer and learn about basic income.

Detailed info on Street Corner protests

Crowdsourced Art Installations

Experience Walls. “Income Trees”. Pavement Murals. There are a variety of "build it together" art installations that can have a big impact.

These types of events can allow for people to add their own stories about UBI and then have the installation remain for the community to experience long after the event itself.

Detailed info on Murals
Detailed info on Crowdsourced art installations

Print Materials

Posters, placards, signs, banners. All types, all sizes. As the date for the 2021 event approaches, we will make the signs and assets for this year's event available to organizers.

Download for assets coming soon!

The Basic Income March is hosted by Income Movement. Learn more about the important work we are doing.

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