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2021 Basic Income March

Join us for the 3rd Annual Basic Income March on September 25th. Help us make this the largest ever event series for basic income!

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NYC + 27 Cities Worldwide
why we march

We are the economy.

Last year, we experienced a global pandemic that continues to ravage society. The narrative during the pandemic has been "We're all in this together." Unfortunately, we know this isn't true —  while ordinary families struggle to pay for their essential needs, the richest have come to control more wealth than ever. Billionaires are flying to space while their employees lack basic benefits or a livable wage. The past year has made our economic inequality and vulnerability abundantly clear: we need to shift our thinking and recognize that we can design a system that works for everyone.

Join us on September 25th, 2021 as we take to the streets for the 3rd Annual Basic Income March to demand our leadership pass a federal basic income as a means to a healthier, more innovative, and more just society. We must create an income floor upon which each member of our society can grow and thrive, and in turn ensure our local and national economies can be financially stable. We are the economy, so recovery must start with us!

Income Movement
New York City

March for Our Future

Join a people powered movement to ensure nobody is left behind

We're on the brink of massive economic upheaval already leaving millions of Americans behind. The system is excluding us.

Universal Basic Income is a means to a healthier, more innovative, and just society. $1,000 per month for every adult in America.

March with us! We owe us.

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Join us in your city!

Be part of the worldwide movement demanding basic income as the future of our economy.

Our economy is leaving millions behind. Join the people powered movement to send the message that our society and economy needs to evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

The NYC Basic Income March will begin in Harlem and finish in the South Bronx. We will march with and hear from leaders including the Andy Stern, Congressional Candidate James Felton Keith, and Hawk Newsome, Chairman of Black Lives Matter.

There are also 27 other marches happening around the world. Join us or start your own!

Get involved. Get inspired. Together, we can make historic change.

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Event Sponsors

The Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity and Income Movement are supplying the critical resources necessary for the success of the 3rd Annual Basic Income March. Both organizations believe that grassroots organizers must have deep and meaningful support in order to engage local communities. Thank you sponsors!

The Week of Basic Income

The week leading up to the Basic Income March, Income Movement is hosting a series of virtual events designed to take stock of the amazing progress we have made in our fight for basic income and inspire and excite the community to show up in a big way in for the Basic Income Marches across the country on September 25th.

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Fireside Interviews

What better way to celebrate our amazing progress this year than to hear from the people who have made it happen! This will be a series of interviews with key leaders in policy, grassroots organizing, coalition building, national event design and thought leadership as they talk about what inspired them in their work in 2021. Get inspired by those jumping head-first into basic income advocacy and policy.

Income Movement

Community Conversations

Communities across the country are working to grow basic income support and advocacy in their neighborhoods, local social justice organizations and  elected officials. Local basic income pilots are an opportunity to engage in deeper conversations around important ideas like deservedness, an individual worth being tied to their "work", and more. Join a conversation with Moving Nashville Forward to get inspired by one city's work in guaranteed basic income.

Income Movement
Nashville Basic Income Festival

Cities across the globe

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Convent Baptist Church
420 W 145th St.
New York, NY 10031

Just Show Up

March with Us!

Join thousands of New Yorkers to march for our future

March with Us!
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