Herb Stephens

Co-founder and the Treasurer of Democracy Earth Foundation

About me

For the past 25 years, Herb has been a serial software entrepreneur in Silicon Valley,

mostly building systems where power purposefully shifts to the user through technology.

Since learning of blockchain technology in 2012 and considering it "the best invention

since the Internet itself", Herb dedicated the rest of his career to social entrepreneurism.

Herb was COO and CFO of Intershop (world’s first online catalogue technology, IPO

1998), Founder and CEO of Outcome (web service management company), and

Founder and CEO of Nuehealth (a Salesforce.com global healthcare partner/ISV). Prior to

software, Herb held corporate finance and global systems roles at General Motors, NCR

Corporation, IBM, GE and GE Capital.

Born in Flint, Michigan, Herb is the second of eight children in a household where both

parents were small-business entrepreneurs, and in his worn words "has worn a tool belt

since he could walk" Herb studied math and computer science at University of Michigan

and earned a bachelors degree in Financial Administration at Michigan State University.

He has travelled, lived and worked all over the world (45 countries, and counting). When

not hacking for Democracy.Earth, Herb is an avid back country alpine heli-skier,

snowboarder and mountain biker. Most recently, Herb presented on the intersection of

blockchains, democracy and artificial intelligence at Taiwan's Connect AI and attended

the Bancor-led consortium at Bretton Woods. Check out Herb's appearance on World

Affairs; keep up with Herb on Twitter @HerbStephens.

Herb Stephens

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