Dr. Gisèle Huff

President of the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity

About me

Gisele Huff is president of the Gerald Huff Fund for Humanity. The loss of her son

Gerald to pancreatic cancer in 2018 spurred Dr. Huff to apply her talents and energy to a

cause they both shared – concern about technological unemployment, the growing

economic divide and the potential of UBI to help address these challenges on a broad

scale. Dr. Huff served as San Francisco University High School’s director of development for

twelve years, and the Executive Director for the Jaquelin Hume Foundation for over twenty

years where her return on investment for launching blended learning is legendary. During

her tenure funding initiatives and raising awareness for education reform, she has held

numerous board positions, including founding member and chairman of the Board of

Directors of The Learning Accelerator and the Clayton Christensen Institute for Disruptive

Innovation, member of the Board of Directors of iNACOL and the Advisory Board of

Education Reimagined. Her substantial policy proficiency includes the Advisory Board for

Harvard University’s Program on Education Policy, the advisory committee for the National

Charter School Research Project at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, and the

Executive Committee of the Digital Learning Council. She is the recipient of the Thomas A.

Roe Award and the iNACOL Huff Lifetime Achievement Award. She earned a Ph.D. in

political science, with a concentration in political philosophy, at Columbia University.

Dr. Gisèle Huff

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