Ken fisher

Founder/Chief Creative at Truth Be Told; Creator of the BIG Experience, Founder of Economic Justice Project

About me

Ken is the founder and creative director of Truth Be Told, a social impact filmmaking shop.

Ken is an emmy nominated documentary filmmaker and creative director on a mission to create

positive social transformation. His films have appeared in festivals around the world and he is

currently in production on two feature documentaries.

His films don't just educate they also incite action. His films have driven legislative change, put social impact efforts on the map, helped to make cultural shifts at a national level and raised hundreds of thousands for cause related efforts. Recent films have aired at International film festivals, on PBS Independent Lens, ABC Nightline, VICE and the History channel.

Ken is passionately curious, a talent that has lead him to the powerful truths of organizations working to solve climate, education, poverty and human rights issues around the world. His aptitude for art and design have enabled him to package these truths into beautiful and engaging films that people want to share.

Ken fisher

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